The Credit Repair Group understands how important your credit score is and we appreciate the opportunity to work for you. It is because of this, we offer a simple guarantee of our services. CRG will help you to increase your credit score fulfilling our part of the agreement. All we ask is that you do your part in the process as well. A large part of the process is the ability for us to work together throughout all the cycles of the agreement. If after 6 months of work on our part you have not seen an increase in your credit score, bring in an updated credit report for us to review. If there has been no improvement during the 6 month period, CRG will refund your money. If you would like to cancel before the 6 month period has concluded, we require a 30 day written notice of cancellation. If you default on your payment or cancel our agreement our guarantee is void. If you need any further information about our guarantee please call one of our representatives.

The Credit Repair Group
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